• Empty Moccona jars
  • Washi tape
  • Gold felt
  • Twine
  • Paper
  • Crafting scalpel
  • Custom made cloud garlands from Little Puddles


  1. Clean Moccona jars, remove labels. Don't remove the cap inside the lid because it will help seal the gift.
  2. To create a cloud image using washi tape, draw a cloud on paper and cut out the image to make a template. Line a few strips of washi tape on your jar and, using the cloud template, carefully trace the image using your crafting scalpel and peel away the excess washi tape. Then cut out some washi tape raindrops and pop them under your cloud.
  3. Wind the garland inside the jar, using a chopstick to place the clouds flat against the inside wall.
  4. Place the lid, and wrap with twine and a gift tag to make it pretty for that someone special in your life.