About Moccona

Loved for its premium taste and elegant glass jar, discover how Moccona has become a classic in Australian homes.

The Moccona Story

The Moccona story began in The Netherlands in 1753. It was in the village of Joure that Mr Egbert Douwes founded the Douwe Egberts company, a small store selling coffee, tea and tobacco. From these humble beginnings, Douwe Egberts gradually expanded throughout The Netherlands and then around Europe, becoming a coffee and tea market leader.


Following this success, Douwe Egberts created the brand name "Moccona" in the early 1960's and brought it to Australia.  Originally sold in delicatessens, specialty outlets and pharmacies, Moccona stood out for its distinctive glass cylinder jar and gold plastic cup.

In 1977, Moccona was successfully launched in Australian supermarkets. With its reusable glass storage jar, Moccona became synonymous with freeze dried coffee in Australia and has since been a fixture throughout Australian households.

Over the following years, the classic Moccona blend has been joined by many exciting ranges, including the Gourmet Range and Inspirations. Moccona's newest addition, the Café Classics range is quickly becoming a Moccona favourite with its assortment of frothy and creamy cappuccino and latte flavours.

The Environment and Our Community

The Moccona brand's parent company, Douwe Egberts, is committed to promoting wellness and nutrition, supporting our communities and protecting our planet, in a manner consistent with our core values.

We are working towards mainstream sustainability through various programs including:

Douwe Egberts Foundation: 'Hands on Experience'

Moccona's parent company executes its own coffee projects in some countries where coffee originates. The Douwe Egberts Foundation works primarily with small scale producers helping them to improve the quality of their coffee, implement sustainable farming practices and secure or gain market access with better prices.

To learn more about the Douwe Egberts Foundation you can visit the website: www.defoundation.org


UTZ Certified - better farming better future

UTZ Certified, is one of the largest certification programs in the world and is a credible trust mark that shows coffee has been produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Douwe Egberts, has been a partner since 2004 and buys an increasing percentage of UTZ Certified coffee every year.

UTZ Certified also helps farmers to improve their business practices and to meet the expectation of the international market.

UTZ - small